Some of our favorite places to go

Dancin’ Dave’sGoing to a festival? Need help? Check out Dancin’ Dave’s Setup Service. Party in Style!

Piper Road Spring BandBe sure to check out our friends Piper Road Spring Band at their website! These guys really cook!

Southern Wisconsin Bluegrass Music AssociationThis is a great site to find out lots of info on Wisconsin Bands. It also has a pretty good event’s page.

White Clay Lake CampgroungGood freinds doing a great service to all who Bluegrass at Molececilwood.

Tricopolis RecordsLooking for quality Bluegrass CD’s? Try our friends at Tricopolis Records…Definitely cool stuff here!

Accordion Links of North AmericaGreat site for all things that squeeze. Not a polka site, but good none the less.

Barb Diederich’s handy bluegrass linksThis place has everthing you ever wanted to know about Bluegrass.

Guitar Notes.comThis is good place to look up song lyrics and tab. Ton’s of stuff

Bill JorgensonYes, even ol Bill has a web page. It’s a well designed site that gives info on Bill and some jams that he hold’s. You can even order some of Bill’s great music.

rukind.comLots of music tabs and words for Dead song’s plus a whole lot more.

Packers.comYou gotta have a link to the greatest team ever.

Victorian Village ResortWhat a great place to party in the middle of winter.

suck.comDaily magazine that rip’s eveybody and everything.

Art Stevenson and HighwaterOne of the best bands to ever play at Swampngrass! Check this site out so you can see them often.